HATTORI DESIGN is a creative direction studio based in Japan and Italy that offers graphic, website, SNS, furniture and product design, in addition to architecture, interior styling and furniture sales. We also offer branding and management consulting to expand your reach as an event producer, researcher, press officer, journalist with global partners.

HATTORI DESIGN は『企業成長』を目的に、日本、イタリア、国内外のパートナーと共に、ブランディング、コンサルティング、リサーチ、広報、イベントプロデュース、執筆などを総合的に行う、クリエイティブ・ディレクション・スタジオです。


I moved to Italy from Japan in 1998 and have since participated in various projects in both countries. While overseas, I had a lot of encounters and amazing experiences that I could not have imagined. But I was also confused about the different culture and even had some dangerous experiences. In the end I subconsciously came to compare the two cultures and consider things from two points of view.

While designing many products mainly as furniture designer, I also continued interior styling and furniture sales as a family business. After the realization of my designs, I sometimes transported and installed them by myself along with curtains, accessories and built-in furniture that we designed or selected. So, I was involved in the entire process from creating products as a designer, showcasing them with PR material like catalogues in order to increase sales with a manufacturer’s mindset, talking and selling directly to customers, all the way to installing furniture in their homes. I therefore came to recognize just how important the balance between “production and sales”, and “being a specialist and generalist” is.

At the same time, I received various requests, such as making original Italian furniture, importing European material and performing trend research. I also worked as a journalist with a Japanese leading company at the Milano Salone, and relayed the Italian design report to the whole of Japan for over 10 years; and, with the desire to give back to Italy, I offered to help with the PR design for the Japanese market at the Salone headquarters. Today, we offer comprehensive, creative direction for you to address a global audience, in addition to management consulting with valuable insight into a dual method consisting of PR and production developed in Italy and Japan and applied worldwide.



Many people imagine that design requires only shape and colors to make things beautiful and always comes from unknown sources of inspiration. However, I think that the true purpose of design is to “figure out the essence behind things, eliminating unnecessary elements, and offsetting insufficiencies”. This fundamental process helps clarify companies’ visions. And if we can share this ethos, people’s connections will deepen and spread. “The power of design”, which carries understanding and emotion in an instant, is especially important in business for communication, time efficiency, market activity and much more. I believe that as time goes on its value and utility will increase, and I endeavor to continuously try to further improve our society through “design”.


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